Photographic storytelling is a passion.

Who I Am
My name is Lane Simmons and I am a Springfield, MO based photographer splitting my time between photojournalism, promotional, and editorial photography. This can include event coverage, advertising, website images, and magazine cover/story illustrations. And, of course, general adventuring with my cameras.
​Imaging Philosophy​
Not all subject matter fits in easily defined parameters. Flexibility is key. It's all about telling a compelling story. Everything from lens and medium choice to post-processing should compliment the story.

My Inspiration​

My earliest inspiration as a teenager was Ansel Adams. His ability to visualize the final image, attention to detail, and command of the silver gelatin process is impressive. I also appreciate the work of documentarians such as W. Eugene Smith, Dorothea Lange, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Vincent Laforet,  Steve Simon, and Sam Abel. 
​My Materials​
I work with everything from DSLR's to large format film (4 x 5) cameras and am unabashedly a fan of black and white. I like diversity of tools to capture images. Each technology offers a different shooting experience and final result, which I find exhilarating.
I am blessed to teach. The responsibility to train future photographers is vast and I pray everyday I am up to the task.